When girls you love are beginning to think about choosing a mate, there is so much that needs to be said.


As children pass into adulthood, one of the accepted institutions of our modern society is dating.  Boyfriend/girlfriend relationships are expected and often encouraged by parents, relatives and friends.  Yet dating can be one of the most spiritually perilous and challenging periods in a person’s life, with possible ramifications that span an entire lifetime and likely beyond.

Are there things we need to know before approaching this stage in our lives?  What do the Scriptures say specifically about dating? Well, actually, the Scriptures do not say anything about dating. That’s right.  The Scriptures say nothing about dating, at least not by name, because this practice as we know it has only come into existence in the last century.

Before this time, marriages were arranged by parents or older relatives, and relationships between opposite sexes outside of marriage were strictly prohibited—taboo.  Even today, many cultures still hold to this tradition.  Shouldn’t…

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