–Travis Elizabeth (Donald) Finch

“There is a God,” my mother said
And I believed
Because I knew my mother told me all the good

“There is a God,” my teacher said
And I believed
Because I knew my teacher taught me well

“There is a God,” the Bible said
And I believed
Because I knew the Bible words were true

“There is a God,” I finally said
And I believed
Because I felt His hand upon my brow
And saw His path before my feet
And heard His promises to my unborn

“There is a God,” I tell my son
And he believes
Because he thinks I tell him all the good

And as he lives through years of life
And still believes
And learns as I have learned
From those Ambassadors of God
And yea from Christ the Lord
There is a God

Then he will tell his son—and he his son
And down the ages still
As son to son and on the story goes and lives
And all believe—
Because our God is GREAT and always Good

(found scribbled on a piece of scrap paper after her death)

3 thoughts on “THERE IS A GOD

  1. That’s a fitting post for # 100 – Beautiful. Thank you so much for all the hours and hours (and HOURS) of hard work and love for the Lord that you share. I do hope your son and son’s son’s sons will be willing to acknowledge, “There IS a God.”


    1. The dearest thing to a mother’s heart is her child. Could any Christian mother bear thinking of not spending eternity with even one son or daughter. When they are young, and you can carry them about, hope is the eagle that carries you to lofty heights. When you are older and you see how children have chosen for themselves, you my feel like a speckled bird.


  2. With this post I have reached 100 on the Muliebral Studies blog! I do not think any one of them is light, nor frivolous, so for me this represents hours and hours of work.


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