What’s Mine

Source of Inspiration


What is mine?
I do not wish to share
with you for this is mine.
Are creative works
really the property
of the hand that brought
them forth, or is our
creativity channeled
from Source to be
enjoyed by all?

Is money the cause of
refusal to openly share?
Is it pride in creative
work? What would the world
be like if we all shared our
art and music without concern
for payments or fameā€“just
people spreading beauty
across the globe for the
sheer joy of it.

Certainly we do not have to
pay to hear birds sing, or to
walk in fields of wildflowers.
Why do we have to pay now for
a drink of water, or to use
the bathroom, for someone to
pray for us, or to attend a
workshop to learn how to love
each other? Why has making money
and buying more and more become

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