School the Old-Fashioned Way

When I was in elementary school, our building looked like this.  A merry-go-round and really long, tall swings beckoned just out front.  I was fearless then and practiced making them  go as high as they would.  Recess was a luxury I did not fully appreciate until it was taken away.  The bell that called us back to study was loud enough for everyone to hear.

3 thoughts on “School the Old-Fashioned Way

    1. Laura, I lived during these times and remember my schooling with fondness. My school began the day I was born (1939), because my father was a Superintendent. The classroom studies I loved began approximately 1944.

      Where were the swings and the merry-go-round? My father made a pair of stilts for me and they were so much fun, but I did not use them during school. Those were home “toys” as were the empty barrels we used to “walk.” So many memories surface when I go back through these photos.

      1. I’m so glad Beth! If I were a better people photographer I would’ve had more of them with the games. They had jump rope (and amazingly some kids did not know how to do this!!!!). I was shocked. They had a stick with a hoop and some other old-fashioned games. No merry go round sadly….even I had those when we I was young. And hmm no tire swing! I’m glad I made it back there. It felt good to watch them play and not sit on their phones and text.

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