It was early in the morning

To the temple He did go,

He sat down to teach the people

Because He loved the people so.


But the Pharisees brought Him a woman

And they divulged a sordid fact,

She had been taken in adultery

Taken in the very act!


Now Moses in the law commanded

That she should be stoned in such a case,

But what sayest thou O Master,

Just what penalty should she face?


This they said to tempt Him

To accuse Him was their game

They had even sought to kill Him

Because He had put them all to shame.


But Jesus stooped and with His finger

Began to write upon the ground

Just as though He had not heard them

For He with wisdom did abound.


They continued asking for an answer

How for her sin must she atone?

Jesus said, Let the sinless one among you

Be the first to cast a stone.


While He waited for an answer

Again, He wrote upon the ground

Then when He looked, He saw the woman

But no accusers could be found!


For they that heard Him were convinced

And they departed one by one

It was their conscience that condemned them

They were no match for God’s Son!


Now the accusers have all left them

Jesus and the woman are alone

And the woman is now standing

Standing as before the throne.


Jesus asked, “Doth none condemn thee?”

And she said, No man Lord.”

Jesus said, “Neither do I condemn thee

Go thy way and sin no more.”


As you travel along life’s pathway

And you realize you have sinned

Let your soul be cleansed by Jesus

And you will have peace within.


He has promised to forgive you

If you will His Word obey

Why not believe, repent, confess Him

Be baptized into Him today?


You will then be a new creature

Cleansed of every spot and stain

Walking in the narrow pathway

Eternal life is yours to gain.


As a babe, you’re sure to stumble

Don’t give up, keep up the fight!

He has promised continual cleansing

If you keep walking in the light.


He will never leave thee or forsake thee

He will always be your friend

Then when this life is over,

You too, can stand there, not condemned!


Justified before The Master!

A better verdict can’t be found

Life’s trials are all behind you

You’re in Heaven, safe and sound!!


D. Arbaugh

The woman taken in adultery, John 8


  1. Nice! I will post a link on the MeWe church of Christ group. Have you looked at It’s a great social media that is safe, free, private, and no ads. It’s growing. Hope all is well. God bless!

    1. In a sense every Christian is brother (or sister) to another, but it does help to feel the bond of blood too. 😉

    2. I forgot to mention we are out for visas, but our plan is to be back as soon as the semester begins the first of June.

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