Where Have All The Flowers Gone, Long Time Passing…

There was a time when everyone did his part. Few doubted the validity of service back in the early years.

Boomer Junction

January 27, 1973 marked a significant day in history for Baby Boomers.  On this day, the Paris Peace Accords were signed, thus formally ending United States involvement in the Vietnam War. It would be two more months before the last U.S. troops are withdrawn, and two more years before the fall of Saigon.   But, January 27th was a pivotal day in our history, and one I like to observe. Alone. With my memories.


Each of us has our stories from those days.  We all know where we were, and what we were doing regarding the war. I do not know anyone from our generation who was untouched or unaffected by it, in some manner, during those years. Some served; some who stayed behind were more outspoken than others, protesting and demonstrating whenever and wherever the opportunity arose, determined their collective voice would be heard; some prayed day and night…

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