Conclusions on the Evidence

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Conclusions on the Evidence

This post has been a long time in coming since other projects have taken priority,  but I still wanted to share one more post on evolution before moving on to the positive evidence that God does exist. I’d like to recap the major points from the previous articles examining the evidence for evolution, as well as share some statements from evolutionists themselves concerning their conclusions about the evidence.

Natural Selection

Seeing how changes in the environment could instigate changes in a population of animals, since the animals with the most “adapted” traits are most likely to survive, Darwin imagined how changes in traits might add up overtime, eventually creating an entirely new kind of animal.

  • But in every example of natural selection, such as peppered moths or deer mice, existing traits simply became predominate when favored by the environment. They were not genetically new traits created by the environment.
  • As…

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