Sewing Lessons

I am happy to say our kids were troopers. They may have feared the pain as much as any other kid, but they held it in. There is something to be said about giving a child ‘space’ to come to grips with the inevitable.

Behind the White Coat


“Come on sweetheart. Let the nice doctor take the stitches out!”

The four year old with dark curls was sobbing hysterically. Her mother was trying to soothe her. I was standing there awkwardly by the counter with the suture removal kit in hand…. still waiting.

“I can get some help with this….” I said quietly, trying to catch mom’s eye so I could mouth holding her down.

Mom shook her head no.

“I’ll buy you a toy if you let her,” Mom pleaded. “Anything you want…”

The kiddo pondered this. She held her arm out, warily. “Ok, ok. I’m ready.”

She sniffed.

The wild look in her eye and the huge quantity of snot pouring from her nose told me otherwise.

I took one step forward with the forceps and little scissors and the sobbing and screaming started up again. We had tried this five times already. I was done

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