Judge Not: Meditations on a Missed Blogiversary

I could not express this any better if I had written it myself. Many times I have felt ashamed that my entries have been so erratic, and I do MISS those of like mind who have been so faithful to follow the posts.

What oft was thought

Back in my brief blogging heyday, I felt baffled and abandoned when a fellow blogger would vanish from my Reader. Not only did I miss the blogger’s words or photos, but I felt concern: had a crisis or illness prevented the blogger from posting? Sure, I could see skipping a few days or even a week, but to disappear completely from the WordPress landscape, without a word of farewell or explanation? That would never happen to me, I resolved with the smugness of a self-righteous newbie.

An unintended photo An accidental photo, reflective of my unintended hiatus from blogging

Fast-forward several months, and I have become one of those bloggers who dedicated herself to blogging for a few intense months and then dropped out of the blogosphere abruptly, quietly, even unintentionally. How can it be that blogging — the refuge and sanctuary for those who toil through dreary days with little outlet for…

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2 thoughts on “Judge Not: Meditations on a Missed Blogiversary

  1. I struggle with this every day. There are so many things I need to do and I have committed myself to the blogs I have so feel the pull to write. But illness, life, school, or work all pull on my precious brain power. I am thankful for those who follow me over on Facebook so that when I have a moment to at least share things that I find interesting I know I am still reaching others.

    I am praying and working towards having more regular content. But I am also praying that I have grace enough for myself to allow for things to just not always go as I planned them.

    Thank you for your hard work and encouragement as well. I believe anything we can share of the Lord is beneficial. He will give the increase. Our job is to keep on keeping on in the ways that we can.

    Love you friend.


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    1. Angi,
      When I think of how full your days must be, I cannot imagine how you manage to do a blog too. I have been where you are with little ones, and I had very little free time. Having them grow up does not seem to offer much more. I am happy to be used, but sorry to be a broken stick where the blog is concerned.

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