Learning for a Lifetime

Sandi first wrote this for my Lessons Learned blog, but it really fits better here with other articles about mothers and daughters.

What oft was thought

Note to the Reader: This post originally appeared on my friend Beth‘s blog, LESSONS LE@RNED. I reblogged the post but discovered that only the first portion showed up on my site. I decided to repost it in its entirety, and I’m glad I did, because I’ve been able to add more quilts! All quilts featured in this post were made by Julie Monroe.

Mom reading to two granddaughters (Photo by C. M. Dennis, 12/2008) There are two quilts in this picture: can you find them? (Photo by C. M. Dennis)

Recently, Beth asked me to write about lessons I have learned from my mother. Thinking about my remarkable mother, who raised six children and has 19 grandchildren, I agreed. Old habits persist, so I called my mother and asked for permission to share what I’ve learned from her. There was a long silence on her end of the phone. When she responded, her answer encapsulated one of the most…

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2 thoughts on “Learning for a Lifetime

    1. Sandi,
      That’s OK. I think it would be more trouble to explain the whole “which one, why, who” scenario than to leave it like it is.

      One explanation for you too… this originally went to FB because it is scheduled to go there when posts come in, but I deleted that one. I hope you are OK with that. I can add it back if you would like me to.


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