4 thoughts on “ADVENTURE: What is the source of light?

  1. I followed it for a while, better to say I chased it. And it never became closer. Then I got, that source of light is just inside. Or you use it, or you will all you life chase its reflection


    1. Anna,

      Would you laugh if I told you that the photo was taken by my 11 year-old granddaughter? She has potential and I like to see her development.


  2. When I truly found the source, my entire world had purpose and meaning so far above myself. I was free, I was happy, I was His. LOVE the photo Beth and so happy I found you!!!! 🙂


    1. Sasha, I am happy you are here. I am pleased to meet a sweet, happy little mother who cares enough about her children to focus on their training and their hearts.


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