How is rococo like bling?  Both appear to mean overly decorated.

Does anyone have suggestions for how to keep children from choosing flashy, gaudy clothing, make-up, nail polish or jewelry now that the consumer marketing is pushing these things?

This cannot be how God would have his children to adorn themselves.

Just read the latest news about styles in India and could not resist showing you the main attraction at the style show.

Rococo or Bling

4 thoughts on “Rococo

  1. I let my children pick out their own clothing, but I have veto power. We have to set standards for our children and stick with them – even when they are complaining “but everyone wears this”. We, as mature adults, have a better view than they as children perceive. It is our duty to protect them in clothing choices just as we do in other matters.


    1. Your girls are bigger and may have stronger opinions, but I found with little people that giving them a blanket choice usually resulted in tears. I almost always laid out three appropriate outfits and let them choose from those. Then we went on to better things that day.


    1. You and I have been through the various styles when we were young. I remember the can-can petticoats and the bobby socks, and even though I was allowed to wear those things, my mother never let me go overboard like many girls did. When it came to wearing make-up, I suppose our limited income helped to control that. Mostly I was afraid to ask for luxuries, so used whatever I had quite conservatively. Perhaps if we teach moderation and temperance, that would be the key, but some mothers are pushing their girls to stand out in the crowd. Social networking also gives the poor little girls more reason to “over-do” everything.


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