To have the heart of Christ in me
Is my one goal and zeal,
But love is not a simple thing;
It’s more than what we feel.


I thought I loved my sister ‘til
She had something to find;
And then I learned that love demands
That I give up my time.


I believed I loved my brother – then
He asked for helping hands;
That’s when I learned that “love in deed”
Means diverting all my plans.


I thought I loved my neighbor, but
His morals need rebuke;
I realized then that love would mean
I show to him the truth.


I felt I loved the elderly
‘Til one sat all alone;
It’s hard to sit and talk with them,
But love seeks not her own.


I thought I loved the brethren, but
I’m still too quick to say –
In heart at least, if not in word –
“I’m busy; go away.”


When Jesus washed the apostles’ feet,
He had a goal in mind:
To demonstrate the servant’s heart
He hoped in them to find.


When I seek to know the love He showed,
I learn the heart of Christ;
When I lose my life for Jesus’ sake,
I’m a living sacrifice.

—Kara Glott

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