Grandma’s Old Piano

We hear songs and read stories about “This Old House,” and nostalgia grips our hearts.  Many are based in true family history.

Two photos and an MP3 file will tell you a bit about the history of an old, but wonderful piano in our family.

The music was supposed to be a recording with my granddaughter, Kaelah, playing.  She is the great granddaughter of Travis Finch, who chose to pass the piano on to Kaelah’s mother.   This particular version of “Banjo” is by Gottschalk–a professional pianist.  I asked Kaelah’s younger sister to record Kaelah’s music, but she sent this instead.  To the untrained ear (mine), they sound the same.

Grandma's Piano--Aged 100+
Grandma’s Piano–Aged 100+


Another View of the 100+ Year-old Piano
Another View of the 100+ Year-old Piano

2 thoughts on “Grandma’s Old Piano

  1. What a rich tradition of music-making! I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the “Banjo” music and admiring the old piano. My husband’s family has antique piano, but unfortunately the sound board (or something) is cracked. More money is needed to repair that piano than it would cost to buy a new piano, so it sits in my brother-in-law’s basement.


    1. This one was in about as bad a shape as you describe, plus the keyboard had lost most of its ivories. Our daughter let it go for a while until she could find a man who really knew his business. They had the strings and keyboard replaced, and the fella’ tunes it when they can catch him. Don’t smile when I tell you she has another one out in the garage.

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