Please don’t put me in the corner!

In generations past, this was part of “family” and home life. Children and parents were serious about learning the basics, so very few had to be sent to the principal’s office.

Laura Macky Photography

Awhile ago I had posted a picture of the Tassajara Schoolhouse built in 1889 and promised more.  I haven’t been back yet to see the kids in school dressed in period costumes, but I did pull this one from the archives and thought I’d post it.  I felt like I had been transported back in time sitting in one of the small wooden desks.  My knees loved getting out of that desk!  😉

I’m thinking now that I should’ve had a smaller aperture to show the word “Superintendent” more clearly, but at the time I was thinking blurring it would be more effective.  What do you think?  Even so, fortunately nobody will put me in the corner for it.  😛


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3 thoughts on “Please don’t put me in the corner!

    1. So many of your pictures and comments fit right into my articles about family. Thanks for allowing me to reblog.


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