An Indian girl (youngest of a large family) was married to a man who claimed to be a Christian.  He was older, but her brother arranged the marriage.  The brother said he did not know the man already had two other wives, but apparently he never bothered to check.  According to the groom’s testimony, he had given a “settlement” to his first two wives and sent them back to their parents.  He did not divorce them through the courts.

  1. What scripture says God did not join this young girl to this man on her wedding day?
  2. She has gone back to live with her parents since she found out the truth, but what scripture tells her position before the Lord now?
  3. By Indian law she will have to go to court to divorce him.  What is her position according to scripture?
  4. Since he has spoiled her reputation, does she have any responsibility to return gifts he has given her?
  5. If she were not really married to the bigamist, can she scripturally marry someone else and have a home and family?